au revoir layette

 - by Beth

The transition to 9-12 month size clothing seems to indicate a milestone of sorts in the world of baby clothing. In particular, it seems that certain items that have been staples of Ally’s wardrobe are not available in a size greater than 6-9 months, such as the “sleep ‘n play” sleepers in which Rob would like to have dressed Ally exclusively since her birth. In our local Carter’s outlet store we no longer get to shop in the newborn area, and her new pajamas have non-skid feet, as if our immobile daughter will, in addition to growing into the 9-12 month size, begin translocating by determination alone. Her clothing is beginning to look less like a baby’s (despite the overalls theme) and more like a child’s. Perhaps no item better illustrates this transition than her first pair of jeans, which she wore this past weekend. What a stylin’ cutie-patootie.