she likes it!

 - by Beth

A few months ago, Ally was going through a challenging eating period. She was more picky than usual, and messy, and impatient, and unsuitable for general audiences.  This past weekend we realized that we have moved in the opposite direction and now we are enjoying a rather easy eating period.  With the knowledge that with children no phase is permanent, I want to record here all the foods Ally surprised us by not only trying but liking this past weekend.  First, she likes falafel. With cucumber-yogurt sauce.  I called them green nuggets to make them seem palatable, but really, after her first bite she gulped them down with great enthusiasm.  Second, spinach curry.  Palak paneer, people!  She ate it by large spoonfuls and sported a spinach mustache afterwards, even ignoring the macaroni and cheese on her plate that I offered as a more kid-friendly food.  Finally, raw cucumber slices.  And a chicken salad sandwich.  And shredded wheat.  And have I mentioned she eats feta cheese? And blue cheese? And asked to drink the juice from a can of black olives after polishing off about 20 of the little buggers?

Remind me of this when we reach a period of eating only frozen waffles and breaded meat products.  Because this is so, so nice.