- by Beth

Mandy is four! Mandy is four! And 90% of the time I think this is a fabulous thing, as she and her sister are suddenly fast friends and her increasing maturity means that we can all relax a bit more and enjoy activities together.  The other 10% of the time she’s an absolute horror and likely causing a wave of abstinence among young couples.  Their parents can send me a thank you note.

I’ll add that as I type this, she is sticking her head under my sweater and licking my belly button.

We opted to celebrate differently this year and spent a long weekend at Great Wolf Lodge in lieu of a party.  It was so fun!  My sister and nine-year-old nieces joined us in a large suite.  We spent many hours frolicking in the indoor water park, playing Magic Quest, and enjoying the games and kid spa.  It was such a great weekend that we took few pictures… and the ones we did take are all silly action shots that show we were just too busy for posed photos.



Mandy really enjoyed the water park, but wasn’t very interested in the slides.  It always surprises me that she is timid because her personality would make you believe she’s incapable of experiencing such a feeling.

On Mandy’s actual birthday she asked to go to dinner at Chevy’s– she loves their chips and salsa (I think their salsa and Chipotle guacamole are the only vegetables she likes) and the dough they provide kids for play.


Mandy’s likes cookies more than cake, so I made her a giant chocolate chip cookie.  It was so easy and delicious!!  This year she and her sister love fairies, so her favorite gifts were Winx club and Disney fairies.  She also received a sleeping bag for sister sleepovers and really loves modeling clay and costumes.



Happy birthday to our incredibly special, sweet and snuggly girl.  We love you so very much.