wedded bliss, day one

 - by Beth

A week before Christmas, we were thrilled to attend the wedding of our niece–Rob’s brother’s oldest daughter–in Williamsburg, Virginia. We made a weekend of it and enjoyed a great time with family and friends.

The wedding’s Christmas theme meant extra use of the girls’ Christmas dresses. Aren’t they beautiful?


My wonderful family. Why, yes, that is a new haircut for me.  Impressed, right? (I can’t tell you the number of compliments I receive on my wig from strangers who think I have incredible hair. It makes me realize that my real hair must be pretty unimpressive because this is something I’ve never experienced!)


The wedding was lovely and reminded me of my tendency to cry at weddings.  They turn me into a sentimental blubber.

The center of each table at the reception held a selection of gorgeous lollipops. Mandy lurved them.  When it was time to say grace before dinner, she said, “Dear God, please let my lollipop come to life. Amen.”



Mandy was thrilled to hit the dance floor and made many new friends.  She’s extraordinarily social and friendly wherever we go!


Huge congratulations to our niece and her sweet, funny, charming new husband. Welcome to our family!