an answer that’s always right

 - by Beth

When you ask the girls, what do you want to do today? The answer is, go to the pool.  And with day after day in the 90s or higher, this suits us just fine!

This year has been a great swimming year for Ally because she is at last confident in the water.  She knows she can swim wherever she pleases and our arms, shoulders and backs are free again!  Well, except for the little one.  But she’s still entertained at times in the wading pool.

Last night Ally and I talked about my upcoming surgery.  She found my description of anesthesia riveting (I called it “silly medicine” that can make you do things like go to the boys’ bathroom! Oh no!) and my analogy of the surgery to having a bad spot on an apple cut away rather uninteresting.  In the end, though, her question was when I would be able to go swimming again.  I hope it’s soon.