freshly shorn

 - by Beth

How to excite two girls to speechlessness?  Promise them a trip to Chuck E Cheese!  Ally selected a special ensemble for the occasion.


That’s the carrot, or course.  The stick? Mandy’s first hair cut.  Though we always restrain her hair in one way or another, its crazy uneven curls needed some taming, so we headed to a special kid-focused salon for a trim.  This place was great!  The waiting areas were large, spacious, and stocked with lots of quality toys.


Instead of traditional chairs, the salon has little rocket ships and cars. Mandy was very happy to strap in and start driving her fire truck.




The salon also paints nails, so Ally was able to participate in the fun since her hair received a trim recently.


And then, Chuck E Cheese!  Even if it’s not my favorite place in the world, it was so much fun to bask in their excitement.  They were both so happy.  I love reaching the point when Mandy can enjoy these activities as much as Ally.