showing our colors

 - by Beth

There are some concepts that are really hard to explain when you’re a parent. This week, it was St. Patrick’s Day.  How do I explain this holiday to Ally? “Well, sweetheart, we all pretend to be Irish which generally means that we drink and eat corned beef. And we wear green so you won’t get pinched. And, um, St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland.”  She repeated back to us a jumbled collection of stories about leprechauns and rainbows and gold.  I didn’t push the snake thing.

Ally was not interested at all in wearing green and thought it would be quite fun to be pinched.  Regardless after considerable negotiations I convinced her to don the first pants she has worn in, well, weeks and weeks and weeks as these days it’s all-dresses-all-the-time.  Ignore the fact that this was her Christmas outfit…it does have a bit of green on it!  She was much more pleased with the green necklaces leftover from mardi gras.  Bon temps, roullez vous!  Um, for Ireland.  Erin go bragh, bon temps.


Rob loves corned beef and cabbage, so I make it for us every year on St. Patrick’s Day even though I just eat the vegetables.  Much to my surprise our Mandy continued her carnivorous streak and really liked the beef.  The potatoes and carrots were quite offensive, but stringy beef? Approve!  Also a big hit was a knock-off recipe for Sticky Toffee Pudding, our favorite dessert from our trip to Scotland.


Some day, girls– some day we will take you places. We’ll see the world together.