Month: March 2012


 - by Beth

“By the time I am 100 years old, I will be a vet and help pets! And buy a pet kitten.”

groove thing

 - by Beth

You can learn a lot about my girls by watching them dance, each in their own way!

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38 months

 - by Beth

and the curls just keep coming.

Ally has started to read the Ramona books, including Ramona the Pest, which features a girl with red ringlets.  Ramona is fascinated by her hair to the point that she chases her, pulls her curls, and squeals a triumphant boing!!  A few days ago we were playing together and I whispered to Ally something I imagine I’ll regret… Ally. Look at that curl. Boing!  And we took a turn or two pulling those curls out and watching them bounce until Mandy swatted us away.

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shutterbug fail!

 - by Beth

We had an awesome weekend last week with our friends from New Jersey, who arrived just in time for a trip to the Heavy Seas Beer & Barbecue festival.  We enjoyed some great meals and hard core kindergarten play time, along with a trip to the lego store.  We talked books and beer and kindergarten discipline and future vacations.  Ally declared that Efram had been her best friend since she was born, and the way they played together made me not doubt it.  As different as they are, Efram seemed more than happy to play “baby kittens needing adoption” for over an hour, and that deserves some kind of special award. It was pretty much a perfect weekend and we are so grateful for our friends!

Did I get any pictures? Sigh.  When Ally and Efram were babies, our visits would be documented by the minute.  Hundreds of pictures per weekend. This time, ten pictures, six of which are out of focus.  There’s this gem, too:

Could Ally look more engaged while Efram assembles her lego kit? At least Efram complied with a big grin!

I think we were all just enjoying the moment so much that we didn’t pause often to break out our cameras.  Here’s a promise to do better next time, and a wish that the next time will arrive soon!

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daisy in waiting

 - by Beth

At Ally’s kindergarten orientation, we received a flyer for her to join a Girl Scouts Daisy troop. At the time we decided to defer because we had so many other new things to which we were adjusting… I thought, we can look into this once things are settled.  And I didn’t think about it again.

Then a couple months ago I began hearing stories about the very active and very fun Daisy group to which many of her school friends belong– a troop that goes snow tubing and roller skating and any number of other fun activities.  I asked Ally, “do you want to join too?” And she became very excited! She began playing girl scouts at home, which meant that she collected our partially eaten boxes of girl scout cookies from the pantry, her chipette stuffed animals, and paper… to make badges and take attendance, of course.

Unfortunately the troop has a waiting list. We’re number three.  There are apparently a lot of other little girls looking for a Daisy troop in our area, but no leader for them… and I can’t take on that kind of responsibility.  [Here's the working Mom guilt. Right here.]  I hope we will be able to find a troop for her!

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party planner

 - by Beth

Mom? What theme do you want for your birthday?

What’s that, Ally? Theme?

Yea, theme.

Well I don’t know sweetheart. Grown ups don’t usually have a theme.

I know!

You do?

News! Your theme can be the news!

The news?

With weather. You can have a news party with weather.

With weather?

And you can play pin-the-sun-on-the-map.

Hmm.  But what will we eat?

You can have wine and coffee and weather cookies.

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that greener grass over there

 - by Beth

Our winter has been unusually warm, which has given us wonderful afternoons outside to play…

And some forlorn attempts to sled!

Our fingers are crossed that we’ll have a chance to break out the girls’ new sleds at least once this winter!