Month: April 2008

a mat of her own

 - by Beth

I knew this day was coming. As Ally rapidly approaches her second birthday, a number of changes have occurred at daycare. She already transitioned to using a booster seat at meals, and now every day she takes with her the little pink “kitty-cat” backpack with her name to hold her crafts and papers. But last week was the biggest shock: she no longer naps in a pack n’ play and has graduated to a nap mat. Gadzooks! And she stayed on it! And she slept! This picture was sent to me at work on the big day.

Ally on her nap mat
I can only hope that this first transition will make the one out of her crib at home go more smoothly.

This success also helps to temper our discomfort with her new role as daycare bully. She persistently and rather maliciously pushes around a little boy who is a year younger than her, despite many time-outs and efforts by everyone to get her to, well, chill out. Then one of the dreaded e-mails arrived with the subject line incident. Never a good sign. Ally was in time out for hitting a 3-year-old in the head with a truck. And not just any 3-year-old, but the older sister of her usual object of attention. A grudge against a family? The first in her steps to take over the world? Time will tell.

couch potato

 - by Beth

In the past when Ally watched television, she liked to sit in her red chair, but would frequently jump up and touch (and kiss) the t.v.  A frequent phrase in the house?  “Too close, Ally!”  This week she has surprised us by wanting to watch t.v. while lying on the sofa with a pillow and blanket.  I’m pretty sure she picked up this habit from a 3-year-old girl who adopts a similar pose at daycare.  At least we don’t have to tell her she is too close…



 - by Beth

There is a special, special place in heaven for cats who have lived with toddlers.  Ally just has so much love to give… and Matilda can only run under the dining room cabinet so fast.  But on this particular day Ally really wanted to show her this super cool whisk.


But if you’re a good kitty, perhaps Ally will serenade you with her rendition of the ABC song, as she is doing for Leela here.  I tried to get her to do it again on video, but she just replied, “no Mommy, you do it.”  And frankly seeing me sing my ABC’s  isn’t what brings in our vast audience.


idle hands

 - by Beth

On Sunday I was upstairs for quite awhile while Rob played with Ally.  I was chatting with my sister on the phone and cleaning bathrooms simultaneously and enjoying the cheers and laughter I heard below.  Rob is always inventing new games to play with Ally that inspire lots of squealing and laughing– his focused attention is much nicer, I think, than my tendency to play for five minutes and then run away to unload the dishwasher.  Ally then began to chant “show Mommy,” so I ventured downstairs to discover the below.

That would be all of Ally’s animals (or at least the ones on the first floor..), with bibs.  And a very proud Ally.