Month: July 2007


 - by Beth

With settlement a mere 3 weeks away, the packing has begun. We’ve run across a few amusing finds, our favorite being:

baby walking

 - by Beth

About a week ago Rob called me at work on a Friday morning with some exciting news: Ally had just walked across the office in the back of our house, about 5-6 feet! She had been taking 1-2 steps for awhile, but this was the first time we could say with confidence that she was really walking. It’s a funny thing, parenthood. For thousands of years babies have grown and learned to crawl, walk, and talk. Yet when you see your child do these things the world stops and there is your baby, wobbling on her toes, amazed with the world and walking to you. And it is the most extraordinary thing.

Every hour or so she seems to have a walking moment and she will walk for 10 steps or so, but it is pretty unpredictable so we haven’t been able to capture a good picture or video yet. We did get a kick out of this scene from this past weekend, though. We call it Allison, intrepid girl reporter. She’s investigating our HVAC system and calling in her concerns.